Incr. within Rib Stitch

Hi Everyone!

I’m knitting some sleeves for a lovely cardi I am doing and am slightly stuck on the increasing within the rib stitch. Not too sure if I should just knit or purl the increases!

The basic rib is p1, k1.

I’ve cast on 61

Pattern calls for rib 17, inc once in each of next 27 sts, rib 17 giving 88sts.

What would you do?

Thanks! :knitting:

If the next row switches over to stockinette st, it probably doesn’t matter - use a m1 or kfb, which ever you prefer.

oh dear i think i’ve done it completely wrong, i’ve managed to make it look all lumpy and bumpy and add a couple too many! lol. i think this will be one i’ll have to sit down and really concentrate on…


When it says rib 17 that means work 17 sts in k p ribbing, not do 17 ribs.

Could you provide a link to the pattern or type just a few lines of where you’re having trouble? That seems like a strange pattern, but maybe it’s just me. I’ve heard of knitting the sleeve from shoulder to cuff and decreasing ribbing. That’s easier. But doing it from cuff to shoulder and increasing during ribbing just seems odd.

I think it might be a bloused sleeve, tight cuffs then a bunch of increases the last row of ribbing before switching to stockinette. But the incs would usually be more evenly spaced than in the middle 28 sts of the row.

Hi this is the pattern, it’s really sweet and i can understand how it can work, it’s just making it work within my knitting haha. it will take me a couple of goes to get it! i’ve been using the m1 technique… is that right??

yes realised that hehe, but wondering about my technique of using m1 maybe i have to try something else??

That really is an adorable pattern. The m1 will work and since it looks like you’re going to switch to stockinette st after the increase, you could switch to stockinette for the increase row. That way you won’t have to think about the ribbing as you increase.

That is cute, and like I thought, it creates the puff sleeve and you don’t stay with the rib pattern after this increase row.

How are you doing the M1? Look on the Increases page for various videos, there’s 2 kinds of m1. A kfb is also an increase but it uses a stitch and can put the inc in the wrong place if you use it where a m1 should be which is between 2 sts and doesn’t use one.

Okay, cap sleeves. Makes sense now. Salmonmac is right. That would make things easier.

Here’s one you may want to try. It really is the Very Nearly Invisible Increase it claims to be. I learned this technique recently when I found a top down hat pattern that referred to it. I really had to look at the work to find the increases.

I really like this increase and use it as often as possible. I compensate for extra sts (make one [I]in[/I] a st, inc [I]between[/I] sts, whatever) and go with this increase because it is so close to undetectable.

That increase from Techknitter is the same as the KRL shown on the KH increases page. It works very well along with the KLL if you need to use paired incs. I don’t put the leg of the st below on the needle though, I just knit right into it.