incorrect instructions?

Here’s the section in question: LEFT SLEEVE
With smaller needles, cast on 27 (29, 31, 33)
Work in Seed st for 8 rows.
Change to larger needles.
Beginning with a right side (knit) row, work in
Stockinette st for 2 rows.
Increase Row (right side): K1, M1, knit to last
st, M1, k1—29 (31, 33, 35) sts.
Work even in Stockinette st for 9 rows.
Repeat last 10 rows 2 (3, 4, 5) more
times—33 (37, 41, 45) sts.
Work even in Stockinette st until piece
measures 7¾ (8¼, 8½, 9)” (19.5 (21, 21.5, 23)
cm) from beginning; end with a wrong side row.

The gauge for this is 23 rows=4 inches in stockinette stitch; however, if one follows the directions above, one ends up with 62 rows, which with the 8 rows of seed stitch, equals 12 inches.

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Assuming this is the cardi, there are some comments in the projects about pattern mistakes.
The schematic also shows 9 inches for the sleeve length on the largest size.
You could make the increase row every 8 rows and that would finish the increases at close to 9". See what you think.

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Thanks, but none of the comments on Ravelry pertain to the issue I’m querying…

No, they don’t address the problem you noted but they are an alert and so it’s not surprising that you’re seeing yet another error.

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I’ve recently returned to knitting after a long hiatus and don’t recall running across such problems in previous patterns I worked on–have things deteriorated because of being online?

Printed publications have editors, proof readers, and often test knitters/crocheters.

With Online sources, you fill those three quality control roles as well as customer (if there is a sale made).


I actually edit patterns for a few online sites and this pattern is familiar to me, it is known to have errors and the designer is not very responsive to correcting errors. I know people who have used the pattern successfully by reducing the stockinette sections to 7 and some have simply continued with pattern to desired length.

I contacted someone at Red Heart and received a revised/corrected pattern, so it worked out. Thanks, everyone, for your inputs!