Incorrect crossed cables waaaaay down

I just noticed in a very intricate shawl pattern that there are two incorrectly crossed cables way down in the pattern, i.e. much too far down in the shawl to frog to them.

I was thinking about making a stitch or two in the place where they should cross, but thought this might make the error even more obvious. Advice please.

Brigid B

I am doing the Tree of Life afghan for my sister and noticed that one one of the bottom trees I had crossed the wrong way. I just said “screw it” because it’s the little flub ups like that that make it made by someone who loves you and I know that with a new baby my sister will never notice. Thank God it’s on her afghan and not the baby’s. :wink:

Unless it’s a huge eyesore, I would forget it and move on.

I’m with Angela, if it isn’t glaringly obvious, forget about it. Most times, no one will even know about it except you.

I made this pattern into a blanket.

On the first row of diamonds, I forgot to change patterns. So the whole row has diamonds divided into 2 sections not 4. Even though I know the mistake is there, I can hardly notice it.

I’m with you, I would want to do something about it. (my story, skip rest of paragraph if you’d like) I have fixed cables that were over several cable crossings. I had a sweater that had cables in the yoke (top down) alternating with sections of St st the width of a cable but no cable. I was working along quite merrily when I got to the end of the yoke and was ready to do the next part. Every thing I had done looked fine, but I was supposed to have a cable right in the middle that continued the length of the sweater, but I had that one as a plain section. :eyes: So I ripped out just that section and put a cable in it. Now I had 3 cables in a row in the middle, but it looked planned. :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial by the YarnHarlot about how to fix a cable and you can do it over any length, just takes longer and is more work. It is a bit tricky to get all the crossings in just the right places, but after doing a cross, if it looks out of place you can do it over. Once you get started you can count your rows carefully to get then right. I believe she shows knitting the “ladders” up, but I prefer using a crochet hook to “knit” them up.

If you don’t want to do all that, but want to do something, the Harlot also has another idea near the bottom that is pretty good.

Link to Yarn Harlot’s tutorial.

Merigold, what a great tutorial. I’ve used the ripping back method before. But the darning a new cable over top was new to me. And useful.

I’ve seen that and tried it myself and I highly recommend putting a darned cable over your darned cable :teehee: Seriously, it worked very well.

Thank you for directing me to the yarn harlot for my cables that were waaaaay down on the edging to a lovely lace shawl.

I looked at what Stephanie had done and agree that the final result looks to similar to the first photo that I do not think the great time and effort was worth it. However, since this is a very lacy shawl I don’t think it will be noticed by the mother of the baby, the baby and any non knitters who admire it. But there will always be a master knitter around who may see it and I won’t know and won’t worry anymore unless she/he makes a direct comment.

I made two shawls in the past using this pattern and did not notice any crossed cables but they may well have been there and probably were. So I am not going to worry anymore, but will remember the photos should I do this again with a more solid piece.

This forum is great.