Incomplete pattern

@salmonmac, I started on Emma by Kim Hargreaves and have completed the back portion. Now I feel the twisted cables look clumsy and not clean. Do you think I am doing something wrong with the TwR and TwL or will they settle down after blocking :-))

I also observe that I dont have the complete pattern - the sleeves and neck ribbing appear to be missing from the pattern, although the sleeve chart is available.
Have written to Kim Hargreaves team to try and get the complete pattern.
Else, it will be a nice challenge to find a way to figure out how to start the sleeves and how to complete the neck.

@Creations - here are more cables for you :slight_smile:


Wow, I think the cables look terrific. There’s so much going on with different cable patterns including a bit of your own patterning. The overall look is gorgeous. Good for you for keeping track.
I do think that the small twisted cable will even out with a wash and block. They always seem to need the bit of relaxing which washing provides.

That’s terrible about the missing pieces of the pattern. The designer should get back to you quickly with the missing pages. I don’t see an active forum or comments section for Hargreaves.

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Looks soooo nice, and you’ve knit this up really quickly too. Speedy cables!

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Chunky wool - makes you feel you are a fast knitter !

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Kim Hargreaves mother replied and provided guidance to the missing page.
Appears that pages are all mixed up in the book I have - which I got off a second hand shop in London.
I am very happy with the quick response - the knitting community is so cohesive, I am grateful to have discovered this craft and being able to be part of this community !


That’s as it should be but still cheering to hear of such a quick response. Have fun finishing!

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It looks fabulous and that colour really suits the pattern (or at least I think so!)


This is absolutely gorgeous

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Thank you all so so much for your responses. I have finally crossed the finishing line.

Here is a small write up, which I look to do at the end of every project ! It is fun to read it months/years later !

Emma for Stephanie

Every knitting project is a novelty and a challenge. I learn something new, try to improve on my knitting techniques, gain a little more confidence, but until the project is ready in all respects, that bit of uncertainty remains.

Yet another Kim Hargreaves design - in Rowan Big wool, for Stephanie, my daughter in law. Pattern and color pre-approved by her. Knitting in bulky wool is swift and this time, I had no trouble with the decreases. I knitted with confidence and with a lot of pleasure. The twist to right and twist to left stitches were new to me and I believe that I could have executed them cleaner. There is something different in the way I have done these stitches as compared to the picture on the pattern, but I am unable to figure out what I may have done differently or incorrectly. I also notice that I should have picked up a few more stitches for the neck, as the ribbing appears parse on one side as compared to the other. Thankfully it is at the back of the neck and may not be visible. So much to watch out for, so much more to learn !

Still the outcome is satisfactory and I am looking forward to having Stephanie wear it this winter.

Special mention to Kathleen, Kim Hargreave’s mother who promptly clarified a missing piece of the pattern and gave a detailed guidance on blocking the knits.

This is the second of my projects and the first cardigan that I took the effort to block and I can see the positive results of the effort.

Thank you @salmonmac and @Creations for consistently cheering me on to the finish line !

Thank you also to @Shintoga, @Margs, @ColoCro - your responses are so encouraging !


What a success! Your persistence with this pattern has paid off and the blocking is the icing on the cake. Beautiful.

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Absolutely beautiful! Lovely design and so well made. I’m jealous!

You might want to look at duplicate stitch if you have not come across it yet.
It’s a technique used after the knitting is complete and doesn’t involve any unraveling.
You could add a column of duplicate stitches (made with the project yarn and a tapestry needle) which look like knit stitches onto the collar in those 2 places which look wider than the other rib columns and it would visually even up the collar.

It’s a handy technique to know even if you don’t use it on here.

Your daughter in law is going to love this.

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Thank you so so much !

Thank you so so much !
Oooh ! that is a great idea and I will certainly explore the option for this knit itself. It will make me feel good and I will learn a new technique too ! Thanks for the trigger !

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