"Includes edge stitches"

I am trying to knit an American Doll skirt pattern. I thought I had followed the pattern until I got to the end and it looked nothing like the picture! I reread the pattern and it says the cast-on includes the edge stitches but makes no reference to how many stitches this means. It is strictly a knit, purl rib-type pattern with 2 increase rows, but the ribs are not lining up. I am just lost! Hope someone can help. Here’s the pattern.

With green yarn cast on 52 sts (including edge stitches).
Rows 1-5: Rib 1 k, 1 p.
Row 6 (wrong side): increase for 1 st at each k stitch (adding 25 sts).
Rows 7-17: 1 k, 2 p (even rows 1 p, 2 k)
Row 18 (wrong side): increase for 1 st in each 2 k group (adding 25 sts).
Rows 19-28: 1 k, 3 p (even rows 1 p, 3 k)
Rows 29-34: garter stitch. Cast off.

Can you post a link? Without it it’s hard to help. Does it say how many edge stitches in the info?

It probably doesn’t look like the picture because your rib isn’t lining up. To do that even with the increases, you knit the sts that look like knits and purl the ones that look like purls. On Row 6, the new stitches will make a 2nd purl st on the RS so you’ll be doing a 1 k, 2 p pattern on the rs and on the ws it’ll be p1, k2. After the incs on row 18, you’ll be in a k1 p3/p1, k3 rib pattern. I’m not sure if it wants you to add a stitch at the beg and end of the cast on and work it in stockinette to use for seaming, or you could just seam the edge stitches as written.

This is the link to the pattern. Thanks again for your help.

Just add 2 sts for the seam, don’t increase in them, only over the 50 sts that make up the rib pattern.