Inches of yarn needed for cast on's

[COLOR=“Magenta”]I must admit I’m starting to feel pretty stupid about this frustrating problem with casting on. I’ve been trying to find the solution. Appreciate your suggestions.
In casting on,long tail I keep either running out of yarn(tail),or have waaaaaaaay to much left over. :grrr: I do not have two balls (lol)and I can not do the inside,and outside method. What I’d really like to find out is there a way to measure correctly, to estimate closely so I don’t go out of my mind redoing this flippin cast on,and get on with knitting.[/COLOR]Many thanks as always…:knitting:

Here is my trick to keep from running out of yarn when I cast on. Lets say you have to cast on 50 stitches. I start out with what I think is enough, and make a slipknot either halfway or quarter way on the tail. If I get to the halfway knot and only have 20 stitches cast on, I know I don’t have enough. Un-do and start again with a slightly longer tail, but at least it will save you from getting to the end to find that out. Of course, the more projects you do, the better you will get at gauging the tail. It all depends on the weight of the yarn and how many stitches you need…

let me correct one thing… if you get to the half way knot and you have 30 stitches, then you don’t have enough. if you’re at 20 - you’re fine. Oops.

I wish I could explain clearly the very simplistic method I use, but maybe this will give you an insight. Crossed Fingers

I determine how much yarn it takes for 10 sts and use that measurement to calculate how much yarn I need to cast on my required number of sts, plus enough to weave in (or even seam).

I simply hold the length of yarn against something for length and count it off by 10s 'til I get to my number.

Let me know if this makes any sense. :??

Here’s an easier way to do it if you’re having trouble estimating the length.

Artlady has given a good description of it here -

[I]Knitting In Plain English[/I] (I think is the correct name), in this book there is a formula for long tail cast on. Most libraries have it and maybe someone reading this post has it and can look it up for you. At the present I can’t remember it.

The way I do it if I don’t have a whole lot of stitches to cast on is to use the needle I’ll be working with and just start wrapping the yarn around and around the needle keeping count as you wrap. When you’ve wrapped the number of stitches needed, just pull your stitches off the needle and maybe add a couple of more inches just to be on the safe side. Works every time. Of course, if you have to cast on hundreds of stitches, this method wouldn’t be very practical. I guess you could wrap for half the number of stitches needed, then double the yarn length. That would work just as well.

let me correct one thing… if you get to the half way knot and you have 30 stitches, then you don’t have enough. if you’re at 20 - you’re fine. Oops.

No, should be the other way around… If you’ve only CO 20 sts with half the tail, you don’t have enough.

I mostly just estimate, something like twice the width, so if it’s going to be 20" wide, I need about 40" plus about 6" for the tail to weave in.

Yes - of course!! I should have trusted
my math instinct the first time