Inc'd sts question

Hello, everyone! I have a question about YO. I’m really new to this. I know how to do a YO but my question is this:

when the instructions say to repeat the previous rows (one of which I YO), and the row says
K23, yo, k1, k23 - 2 sts inc’d

does that mean that the next time I do that row, I should start with k25 so the holes are even? I tried sticking to the k23 and the pattern came out all crocked. Do I add 2 sts to the first k before the yo every time I do that row? Thanks for your help!!!


Are the holes supposed to line up? Sometimes they aren’t.

What is the name of the pattern and if you have a link that would be helpful.

That doesn’t inc 2 sts unless it’s ‘k23, yo, k1, yo, k23’. If that’s the case, you probably continue to YO on either side of the k1; mark that st (removeable marker, paper clip) so you know where it is. But a little more infromation would be helpful.