Inc stitch versus make stitch


Could anyone please advise whether making a stitch (M1) is is the same thing as Inc1 or increase a stitch? Thank you. LisaP


You can assume so, unless the abbreviation is defined in another way somewhere in the pattern. If I would find a pattern using Inc1 instead of M1 I would scan the pattern for a definition and if I can not find any definition I would use the normal M1 (M1L and M1R).


Thank you so much that’s very helpful! Could I just clarify what M1L and M1R means too please? How kind of you to respond. Much appreciated. LisaP :grinning:


There are several ways of doing increases but most of time when you see M1, the author of the pattern expects you to lift up the bar between two stitches and twist it while knitting into it. Depending on the direction you twist it you will either get a left (M1L) or right leaning (M1R) increase. So M1L and M1R are used to achieve symmetry. On youtube you will easily find good instructions for how to do them.


Thank you again for your prompt response. I am very grateful! I will take your advice and look up more on youtube. Have a good evening. Kind regards, Lisa