Inc sleeve

the pattern calls for a 9cm ribbing on the cuff and he only wants 5.5cm. It then says to inc when the sleeve is 15cm. So, do I inc at 15cm or do I change it because my ribbing is smaller. There is a difference of 6cm so should I inc at 11.5cm. If I do the inc at 15cm that is half way up the forearm. Even if I inc at 11.5cm that is far up the arm. Shouldn’t the inc start a couple of rows after the ribbing?

Patterns says, CO 51sts on smaller needle knit rib for 9cm. Change to larger needles and knit 2 rows garter st, then change to stockinette st. When the piece measures 15cm inc 1 st at each side every 1.5cm a total of 22 times = 95sts I am not doing the garter st. When sleeve measures 50cm bind off for sleeve cap. He wants it 46cm before I bind off for the sleeve cap.
So with changing the length of the cuff and the length before binding off should I inc sooner? :shrug:

It says `when the piece is 15 cm’, not 15 cm from the ribbing and that’s about 6 inches. Making the ribbing and the sleeve length shorter shouldn’t affect the incs. You were questioning the larger number of CO stitches - maybe there’s a little more so you don’t start the increases right away.


The 51sts CO was correct, it is nice and loose not tight around the wrist. But I am measuring 15cm from the CO edge and that is half way up the forearm. I only made one sweater lately and it has been a lot of years since I knit regularly but doesn’t that seem late to start increasing for the sleeve. Won’t it be tight half way up the forearm. Maybe I am just thinking too hard like always. :?? You guys are so great to put up with my silly questions. :oops:

Depends if your son has slender or heavy forearms too. If they’re not very bulky, just follow the pattern instructions.


The cuff isn’t folded in the original pattern, is it? Is this the garnstudio one? That is one thing I would double check just to make sure.

In the picture of the garnstudio pattern the cuff is not folded in half. :?? My son has a large forearm because he does weight lifting. I put the cuff I made on his wrist and measured where his arm starts to get larger. Then I measured from the cast on edge to where it gets bigger and it is at 8cm. Should I start to inc there? Will it turn out right?

Boy, I can make things difficult but my pattern calls for the sleeves to be on straights and I am making them in the round with magic loop. I have 51sts and of course that does not divide into two evenly. I am to inc one stitch at each end so will that matter if I have more on one side or not?

Sure, go ahead and start the increasing at 8 cm. Stop when you get to the correct number of sts.

A tip I read about increasing on a circular sleeve, is to place markers before and after 3 sts at the end/beg of the round - 1 st at the end of the previous, and one after the beg st. Then do the incs just before and just after the markers, leaving the 3 sts plain. I plan on trying it for the next sweater I do.


You said 3sts but I only understand 2sts. One after the first stitch and do you mean a marker before the last two stitches? Wouldn’t that just make your increases more noticable because now they are in two different places? :??

I get it now. :teehee: If I have 25sts on the first half and 26sts on the second half I should knit the first stitch then inc into the second stitch then knit to the last three stitches and inc into the third last stitch and then knit the last two stitches. That way I have a inc and then 24sts and then 24sts and then the last inc with 3sts inbetween. Right?

Yep, I think that would work out right. Like I said, I haven’t done it yet, so don’t exactly know which stitches to mark off, but if it looks good, that’s what matters. Having the incs 3 sts apart at the gauge you’re working at isn’t going to be that noticeable.