(inc row) k2,yo

Help!!! I went and signed up for knitting classes and I have homework and I have messed it up aready. Can anyone help me fix my mistake.

It’s a 1561 bernat knit dishcloth

Cast on 4sts.

Row 1:knit
[color=darkred]Row 2:(inc row) k2,yo,k to end of row[/color]. I can get the k2,yo but the beginning[color=darkred] (inc row)[/color] what is that and how do I do it?
rep row 2 until there are 45 sts on needle.

Is there a video to show this


Where is says (inc row) the pattern is just telling you that on this row, you’ll be increasing the number of stitches on your needle. every time you complete row 2, you’ll have one more stitch.

And since you repeat row 2 until whatever number of stitches, every row will have an increase on it. Then you get to decrease every row until you’re back at 4 stitches.


so, after I knit one row , On row 2 ,I knit two and then yo and knit to end right. ok, I think I got it. Is there a video to show me if I am doing the yo right?

A YO is like making a knit stitch, except your needle tip isn’t inserted in a stitch on the left needle. Sort of an `air’ stitch…

And yeah, click on the Basic Techniques tab above and go to the increases section. There’s a vid there.


Thank you both . I hate to take my homework back in and only have to empty needles to show to the teacher :oops: I’m suppost to have 45 rows done by next Sat. I can knit but I can’t read a pattern to well yet :oops:

This pattern has an edge all along the out side with spaced holes in it. It that what the yo does? becasue as I try this it’s not looking like hers :verysad:

My granson (8 years old) just told me that I was cheating on my homework by asking you these questions. :rofl:

:teehee: Just tell him that you’re going for extra help.

Yep, the k2 is the edging and the YO makes the holes. Don’t worry about it looking like the finished one… yours ain’t finished yet. :wink: It takes a couple inches before any kind of knitting looks like something beyond some string wrapped around two sticks.


and tell the dear grandson you went to the tutor, b/c that’s what SMART people do! :wink:

Thanks you guys! I did it! and it looks like the teachers. Well I almost did it, my aasignment was to only do 45 rows and that’s was I did! Teacher has me on two projects right now ,this and something called a srug…it’s like half of a sweater. It only covers your arms and shoulders and a little ways down the back.