Inc one st in next st

Where will I find instructions for inc one st in next st please? Is there a video?

Does the pattern give you instructions for what they want you to do? Most patterns do. If not then the standard KFB would probably work fine.

Go to the glossary on the tabs at the top of the page and look for KFB. It’s about halfway down the page in the left column.

I am trying your suggestion, but what am I not understanding about this pattern line:
*K1, inc one st in next st; rep from * adcross…45 stitches

However, we are starting with 30 st from row above!

If I K1 and then inc one in next stitch aren’t I going to wind up with 90 stitiches not 45? Help with arithmatic or pattern? :shrug:

i also need help with spelling: across and stitches /sorry!

No… you are repeating the K and the increase:

*K1, inc one st in next st; rep from * across…45 stitches

you repeat what is inside the * which includes a knit stitch… so you are only increasing every 2nd stitch, being that you only start with 30, you will be increasing 15 of these, making 15 stitches = 45 stitches.

thank you. I find knitting far easier than math! LOL
Now I will try to figure out that increase in the second stitch. I am watching the video but it’s not easy yet. :wall:

:muah: :happydance: :cheering: :teehee:
I did it!!! 45 stitches!!!a
Thank you both for your help. I love this site. I love the help I get instantly. And then I love that I can figure this stuff out with that help and move on! Hugs to all. Lynn with GREAT APPRECIATION!!! :heart: :happydance:

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