Inc on WS of St St

I need to INC on about 8 rows of st st. I am using the K2tog increase. How do I do it on the wrong side? Do I simply P2tog by going in the top of the first and then second st? I think I had to do this previously on another project and I had to do something different.

Do you mean decrease? A K2tog is a decrease, not an increase.

Oh, good grief! I’ve had too much turkey from Thanksgiving. Yes, I am decreasing. Thanks for pointing out my error.

If you’re dec every 8 rows, and your first is worked on the RS (as K2tog), the subsequent dec would also be on a RS. For the dec to fall on the WS it’d be on either the 7th or 9th row after the K2tog.

BTW, any inc or dec should NOT be worked on the first two sts, esp if seaming will be involved. Work them 1-2 sts in from the edge.


I am decreasing at the beginning and end of each of the next 8 rows so they will occur on both RS and WS. I am doing the decrease on the second stitch in.

So yes, just p2tog on the purl rows.

each of the next 8 rows

Okay. For some reason, I was thinking ‘every 8 rows.’ Yep, P2tog.