Inc in the round

I am making a sleeve in the round and I am not pleased with the way it is turning out. First, I did a KRL on the first stitch then knit to the end and did a KLL. that way they slant towards each other. I looks like a ridge all the way up the sleeve. Then I tried K1, KRL, K___, KLL, K1. That way there is two stitches inbetween and maybe there will be no ridge. But now there is no ridge but a wider track. It is hard to explain but is there a better way of doing it. Which way is the most unnoticable? I tried KFB but thought it left a little hole. Any suggestions?

Either do them reversed (KLL then KRL), or do them with just 1 stitch between them.

so if i reverse them they will slant away from the (Seam). If I do that does that not make them more visable? You cant do A KLL then a KRL as far as I can understand because you would be working the same stitch twice except if I do on stitch inbetween.

No they’re not that visible, and yes, you need to knit a stitch in between them.

thanks, I will try that. It is funny because I do a KRL on the first stitch and then a KLL on the last stitch when I do the body and it is not noticable but it is on the sleeve. They only difference is that on the body the incs are further apart and on the sleeve it is every 4th row so it creates a ridge. I will try reversing the KLL and KRL and see what happens. I just remember from before when I was knitting everyone was telling me to make all inc and dec slant towards the edge or seam so they are not as noticable, but in this case it is.