Inc in the next stitch

is there a proper way of “inc in the next stitch”?

There are a couple of ways of doing it at least. You can kfb, knit front and back or you could KLL or KRL, knit left loop or knit right loop. All of these are shown on the Increases page if you’d like to see videos.

Unless your pattern gives a specific inc to use it’s open to artistic interpretation. Even when a particular inc is specified if you want to you can really get rebellious :shock: and use another.

So I guess I can either crowbar the new stitch into the loop between it and the one just knitted OR knit into the existing stitch twice, is that what you’re saying?

I think that’s exactly what salmonmac meant.

I say: “OR” is good. “AND” instead of “OR” would give you a double increase. :teehee: If you use a crowbar, make sure it’s a skinny one. :wink: When I come across that instruction I automatically think KFB because of that 2-letter word [I]in.[/I] Don’t forget M1, you could add that to the list to choose from.

Now I’m running away quickly before you can throw your yarn at me. :mrgreen:

Mostly, you can use an increase [I]between[/I] sts when it says increase [I]in[/I] a stitch, but you need to watch the stitch count. If you increase between sts, you need to remember to knit the next stitch and consider that the stitch that you knit into, then go on to the rest of the instructions.
Is this for the Aran sweater? I find markers a big help when patterns change across the row and they’ll help with counting sts for the increase areas too.

Funny you should mention markers, as I think they will be indispensible. Being Aran there sre several ‘sections’ where a differet type of stitchwork is constructed.

David, many Aran sweater in the rear view mirror.