Inc. 1 st in next st and K both sts

This instruction is from a pattern for an earwarmer by Drops of Garnstudio. I’ve tried contacting them but no luck. Not sure how to go about the increase and then knitting both stitches

What kind of increase would you use - KFB. M1, etc
Then after you increase do you place those 2 stitches back on the left needle and then knit them again?

Also the pattern tells you to work the outermost st on each side in double thread and to have an extra ball of yarn and use this only for these stitches. Would i just carry the extra thread across the row to the other side, or do I need a 3rd ball for the other side?


Any help would be appreciated

Which pattern is it? I’d like to look at the whole thing for the best chance of a correct answer.

You don’t carry the extra yarn across, just leave it at the edges, so you’d need a 3rd strand. However, I saw another Drops pattern that said to work only the first 2 sts with double strands and since it was bulky weight to begin with, no one saw a real reason to knit the sts doubled, so I think you can just use a single strand for the edge sts.

For the inc, to do one IN a stitch would be just kfb, and maybe the ‘k both sts’ just means to do them in knit rather than a purl. It would help if you could link to the pattern; Drops patterns are really nice ones, but reading what they say in context helps decipher them.

It’s pattern #114-4

I see you asked (I’m assuming it was you, name was Kathy) this question over at Drops. They gave an answer in case you haven’t seen it yet. Here is what they said:

Kathy, you inc by using the loop under on the following stitch. Put your right needle into the stitch under the first stitch on your left needle. Pick up the loop and put it on your left needle. Knit this new stitch in the front loop, and also knit following stitch separate as usual. So you have knitted both the inc and the prev stitches and they are now on your right needle. We also have a video on this inc if you go to our Video library.

Yes, the inc Merigold described is the KRL on our Increases page.