Inc 1 st at both ends of each row?

Work last 9 sts of Pat II row 3 (k 1, sl 3 sts to dpn and hold in front, k 3, k 3 from dpn, p 2), RT, Pat III, RT, first 9 sts of Pat II (p 2, sl 3 sts to dpn and hold in back, k 3, k 3 from dpn, k 1). Cont in
pat as est, inc 1 st each end every 3 rows 7 (8, 9) times, then every 4 rows 10 times
working added sts into pat – 74 (76, 78) sts.

That there is part of the sleeve im doing for a sweater im making (never done one before) im a bit confused on how i increase at both ends if im cabling? Will it ruin / stuff up the cabling? Cause when i increase i slip the needle into the k stitch and continue to knit but rather then pulling it over the top or onto my other needle i knit again and then slip the stitches to make my original and new stitch.

Im also a bit confused because pattern 3 is 8 rows long but i need to do it multipul times because im making the largest one for bagginess. Do i just start over at pat 3 row 1

I can upload the pdf if needed :

I appreciate any help :slight_smile: :knitting:

Don’t increase in the cable. Do the first increase in the k1 at the beginning of the row and the k1 at the end. You can do the next increase row in that same edge stitch but by the time you get to the 3rd increase row, you can move the increase to one stitch in from the edge if you want. Wait until you have enough sts to do a complete cable repeat (9 or even 10 sts).
Yes, sounds like you probably repeat the 8 rows of pattern 3 for however long you need.

Maybe this pattern?

Great looking sweater.

Thank you for that! But now another question… because im increasing the stitch count how do i follow the pattern if its only for 40 stitches. It says continue with pattern established but with the increasing stitches i dont know what i do with them. Ive never done something this (well i think) conplicated xD i asually knit slippers and scarfs.

As you increase sts keep the edge stitches as k1. Do the increase and on the next row or the next RS row, work the increased stitch into the pattern. Use row 1 of Pattern II as a guide.
row 1: P2, k13, p2
So on the next RS row, the increase would be a purl. After the 2nd increase row, the increase becomes a purl. After the 3rd increase row, the increase is a knit and then keep making the increases knit sts until you have enough for your k1 edge stitch and a cable cross on row 3 of the repeat.
Keep the increases in stockinette (knit on the RS, purl on the WS) or reverse stockinette (purl on the RS, knit on the WS) until you have enough for the cable cross (and are on a row 3 of the pattern).