Inbetween projects

Can’t stop knitting. I’ve finished some big projects and trying to think what to knit next but in the mean time, I’m knitting dish cloths. Never seem to get tired of that while going through patterns.

You’re sure right!:thumbsup: Dishcloths are a great little pacifier project! I love 'em!
And in the end, the dishcloths are a great to have, or gift!

Pacifier project…:teehee: …I like that.

I do the same thing! I found a dishcloth pattern I love so I’m sure there will more in my future for inbetweens! :lol:

I usually have a stack of things I want to try out. Just to see if I like them.

I made double knit hot pads in Sugar n cream. I used the wave pattern from here.

And I have been saving up odds & ends, to make an entrelac blanket.

Abby, those are wonderful! What do you mean by “double knit”? Are you making two the same and knitting them together or using two strands to knit?

Want to share the pattern you are using? I’m stuck on Grandma’s favorite and making Alphabet cloths.

I used double side knitting in blue & green. I modified the pattern to give me 3 waves. It was fun. The double knitting made them thick enough to be used as pot holders. I liked the result so much that I made an oven mitt in stripes using the same technique. I made it long enough to come to my elbow. No more burns on my forearm from the oven rack.

There is a video on this site up by the banner.

Yup, dishcloths and simple scarves make wonderful “in between” or just brainless projects for when you want to be sociable or don’t want to pay attention to a pattern.

Sure! I used a size US 5 and Tahki Cotton Classic. My favorite for dishcloths.

I also want to do this one from Mason Dixon Knitting. I’ll won’t use that yarn though of course.

I don’t get anything when I go to the link. :??

It works when I click it. Are you at work so you can’t get some websites? It’s called Waffle Knit Dishcloth and looks like this. If you’re on Ravelry you can look it up.

I got it open when I got home on my computer. I like the waffle pattern!

Hey fellow Texan… I love doing dishcloths and facecloths…here’s my favorite (I know you’ll like it too) :cheering:

I’ve done a lot of my family cloths with their states on them and they are always a big hit. And the kids and ladies also get facecloths (in soft cotton) with their initials on it from the same site The kids especially think it’s really cool to have one just for them with their initial on it.:cool:

This one has great dishcloth patterns, too Have fun…go wild…GOD BLESS TEXAS!..y’all :woohoo:

Oh I have already made the Texas dishcloth, but I haven’t seen that stringsandthings webpage before. Thank you! Another dishcloth site added to my knitting favorites. There are actually patterns I haven’t seen before! knittingnonsense is a favorite of mine too. I’m making alphabet dishcloths now for Christmas gifts. I love getting a headstart on Christmas gifts. Actually I’ve seen so many dishcloth patterns that I need to start making some for myself for a change.

:thumbsup: I prefer textured cloths to plain stockinette which is why I love this one. I’ve also used the Yarn Harlot’s scarf pattern for dishcloths and like it, too.

So Pam, did you try to get anywhere near the zoo, museum, or parks this spring break? We tried the museum today. What a nightmare! I could have knitted 4 dishcloths in the time we stood in lines.

No Way!! :wall: Luckily, no kids to obligate me to go anywhere near any of those places on a week like this one. Hope you had fun… I love spring break…traffic’s light on the way to work in the a.m.:cheering:

Here’s my new favorite stitch…couldn’t find the link to the discloth, but I c/o 44 stitches and have a 4 stitch seed border. This video calls it a rasberry stitch…the pattern I found calls it popcorn.