In the Round

Hi, I’m new to knitting. I started a purse using 24" circular needles. For the bottom of the purse, the directions stated that I should cast on 40 sts and work in garter stitch for 30 rows…which is what I have been doing (almost like knitting with straight needles), but something feels wrong.

The directions then become more complicated. (For me) . After the 30 rows (15 ridges) I need to: (1). Pick up and knit 15 sts on side, (2). Pick up and knit 40 sts on long side, and (3). Pick up and knit 15 sts on the side. (4). Knit the 40 that were still on the needle: 110 sts. (5). Place a marker for the beginning of the round.

I wondered if I should start over? What is the difference between rows & ridges? Thank you for your help!
Happy New Year from Massachusetts!


You sound like you’re on the right track. You knit the bottom of the bag, now you’re going to pick up stitches all the way around the edge so you can start knitting the body of the bag in the round.

A ridge is just an easier way to count garter stitch. Garter is really an alternating knit and purl stitch as it’s facing you–each ridge really equals two rows, as there is a row between the ridges. Confuse you more?

you’v knit a rectangle, now you are going to turn the rectangle into a the base of a tube.

you are going to pick up stitches all around the edges. (the narrow edge you pick up 1 stitch per ‘ridge’ the second long edge (the cast on edge) you pick up one for 1.

eventually you’ll come back to beginning of the last row you knit, and Voila! you’re knitting in the round.

For more help with picking up stitches, I highly recommend the book “Stitch N’ Bitch”. This book helped me so much and I basically taught myself all the different kinds of stitches and how to’s with this book. :slight_smile:

1 row of garter stitch look like smiley mouth (right side up )
The next row looks like upside down mouth
these 2 rows make a ridge

picking up stitches is hard for me too
so i tend to cheet and tweek the pattern so i do not have to
but basically you just pick up a loop off the end of the row of stitches
so you can start knitting as normal