In the round

I’m knitting in the round in stockinette stich (knitting all round) the patern then has you purl the next rows. When I purl there is a obvious change. How can I correct that.
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First…what is the name of the pattern? Please provide a link if possible. Don’t post the pattern itself here.

When knitting in round you knit every round to get stockinette. To get garter you alternate purl and knit rows. Does you pattern have a garter after the stockinette rows?


Impunity is the name of the hat pattern.

Oh that’s a cute hat! They stitch is supposed to change so there is nothing to fix. You alternate 4 rows of knit then 4 rows of purl and it creates ridges the designer calls vertical ribbing. So just follow the pattern and it should work fine.

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Thank You, is there a way to avoid the jog in the transition from the knit to purl rows.

There are some methods that people use when doing stripes in the round, but keep in mind knitting in the round is a spiral so at best they can minimize the effect, but not completely fix it. There are several different methods. Look up “jogless jog techniques” on Google or You Tube and you can try a few.

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