In the round turned to purls HELP

I am knitting socks in the round in flexi flips and once I put in the waste yarn for the afterthought heel my knit stitches are now on the inside of sock. What’s going on?!

Maybe you accidentally set off in the wrong direction after putting your knitting down and coming back to it?
Knitting whilst looking at the inside, rather than the outside, will produce knits on the wrong side.

I suggest you tink back those few rounds until you get to a full rou d where the knits are correct and you reach a beginning of the round marker.
It does look like you have a correct round or 2 after the green so should not need to go back that far.

Do you know how to tink? It’s ‘knit’ backwards to undo each stitch without risking losing any. It’s slower than ripping out but I prefer it as there is a lot of control.
There are video tutorials if you are not familiar with it.

Once you have gone back make sure your work is right side out and you have the knit side facing with the working yarn attached to the right needle, then work into the next stitch on the left needle.

Hope this helps.


It’s easy to suddenly start knitting on the inside of the tube rather than the outside. This can happen especially with several of the methods for small diameter knitting. See especially 1:30 min in this video.

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