In the round repeat question

I’ve frogged and restarted this pattern three times now and am officially uber frustrated:wall: . It just doesn’t look right and I can’t link it because I bought it and cannot seem to track down the publisher.

It says, “repeat the sts in the first 12 rounds 7 times around”. Each round in the 1-12 has a different pattern. Does that mean do [B]each[/B] round seven times or do rounds 1-12 seven times?

I’ve e-mailed the place I bought it from, but they aren’t responding. I’m hoping it’s just the long weekend. Last time I called them with a pattern question I discovered their customer service department is not staffed with knitters :tap:

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Do they give you a repeat for each row (round)? As in repeat the sts between the * * 7 times around? If so the total number of sts in each round should be divisible by 7.
Otherwise I’d take it as work rounds 1-12 and then repeat 1-12 six times more.
Can you give us a pattern name and maybe we can at least have a look at it?

Ah, found an e-mail address for customer support this time around since their phones are answered by non knitters.

It’s the diatom shawl by knitpicks. I first assumed it was knit rows 1-12 seven times… and it ate too much yarn. It could have been written a little clearer.

Take a look at some of the finished projects over on Ravelry. There are some tips that may come in handy later.
If you look at some of the shawls, the center of the circle does seem to be a 7 times repeated motif.

Thank you for those links. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, but what I do looks nothing like that center. I have waaaay too many stitches. Gonna rip it out and start over AGAIN and pay closer attention to my stitch markers. Should have knit it when the author was concerned with feedback. :frowning:

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Okay, knitpicks responded. Each round has it’s own pattern and each pattern is repeated seven times within the round. NOT how I was interpreting the directions AT ALL. I feel really stupid, but don’t think I should. I think the directions could have been written clearer. NOW! ONWARD! :knitting: Get this silly thing finished, blocked, and pics posted.

As always, thank you for your help. I really appreciate this site and the people here. Y’all have helped me continue to grow as a knitter :smiley: :woohoo: