In the round question

Hi everyone, just starting a hat to knit in the round, when you reach the size you want, would you decrease normally? Or is there a special technique?

I usually use the k1, k2tog decrease, it goes like this:

round 1: (k1, k2tog)
round 2: knit
and repeat this until you get down to the amount of sts you want to pull together for the top.
then you can either bind off, or use the live stitches. when you bind off, thread a needle with your tail and overhand or straight stitch around the sts and then pull tight like a drawstring, or with live sts, use your tapestry needle with your tail to pull each live st off with your tapestry needle and then pull them tight like a drawstring

Another way that you often see is to figure out some multiple of your stitches. So if you have 70sts on the needle, decrease in 7 groups of 10sts. That would work out to knit 8, k2tog around. Then knit one round without decreases, on the next round, knit 7, k2tog and again knit one round without decreases. Continue in this way with one fewer stitch between the k2togs on every other round, do a round of all k2tog and then gather the sts and fasten off.

If you k1 k2tog all around, you only need to do a few rounds, so you would have be at the very top. Usually you knit to 5-7" from the beginning, then take about another 3" to decrease. Figure out your stitch multiple - say if you have 90 sts, k7, k2tog, around, and work a plain round. Next round k6, k2tog then do a plain round. Every other round do 1 less knit st between decs until you have about 3 or 4 between them, then decrease every round until you have 6-10 left and draw the tail through the remaining stitches.

that is what I was trying to say, but didn’t word it right, see why I need help with pattern writing?

so i shouldn’t shift from the needle i am using? wasn’t sure with circular needles if it would work??

You can change circular needles just the way you would change needles if you were knitting back and forth, knit onto the new needle to move the sts. But you don’t need to change needles to decrease for the crown of a hat at all. Just continue with the same needles you’re using for the body of the hat.

if you do change to straight needles remember that one side is knit, the other is purl

How well you can do the decreases with your original circ depends on how long it is or do you have two of the same size. Check out the Advanced Knitting Techniques videos to see how to do loops or use two needles. If you have one circular needle and it’s long enough to make one loop, you can just keep using it.

Because the number of sts is decreasing, you’ll need to use a technique that will let you do small diameter circular knitting. That would mean changing to double pointed needles or using single loop, magic loop or two circular needles. Take a look at the videos for Small Diameter Circular Knitting on the Free Videos tab under Advanced Techniques. You don’t need to change the size needle that you’re using (e.g. size 5, 7) just the technique.

ok, next dilemma, twisting at the join?? sigh, have unknitted it a couple times now…

Are you just starting an in-the-round project? I thought you were on the verge of finishing it; I’m confused.

If you’re starting a project and are having trouble joining in the round without twisting your work, lay your project on top of a table, turn the cast-on row to the inside, double check all the way around to make sure that the cast-on side is still on the inside and not twisted anywhere; then knit the first stitch of the round. During this joining, I often leave the project mostly lying on the table so I don’t twist anything.

If that’s not what you need help with, please give us some more info so we can help you better.

Here’s a video that may also help with the technique Antares described for joining in the round without twisting.

ok, got it started again…:wink: no i was looking ahead at the final stages as far as decreasing, but i finally got it going right now, and hopefully the decreases will work right too… i can jump ahead and really confuse myself…:knitting:

It’s good to read ahead so that you know where the pattern is going and you can plan out how to knit the various steps. Sometimes, however there are stitches or directions that don’t make sense until you have the sts on the needle. Good luck with the hat!

I always read the whole pattern before I start, but I trust some things will make more sense when I get there and they usually do. :thumbsup: