In the Round Question

I just started a new project and its my first time In the Round knitting. This might be a silly question but… here goes anyway:

I’m using a 6mm, 29 in needle. As I go along knitting (careful not to twist the yarn… I’m being super careful), will the round part of the needle ever uncurl and just be a circle or will it forever be curled up, even as I’m working on my 80th row??? I’m just making sure I’m not making a mistake…

Hopefully that made sense! Thanks in advance for your advice.

Not a silly ? at all. Whether the cable will uncurl or not depends on the width of your project. If it’s wide, its weight will eventually hold it straighter. But not if it’s narrow. Here’s a link to straightening that cable:

And here’s a link to a simple storage system that will avoid it curling up again:


Some needles need to be straightened. It’s likely that at some point the weight of the knitting will help hold it, but before using a curly needle, it’s good to dip in very hot water and then hold it straight to cool. You may have to do it a couple of times in a row.

This is why I like Addi’s and Knit Picks Options needles–the cords are soft and flexible and never curl. Just a point for future needle purchases.:thumbsup:

Thanks for those links! Thats extremely helpful!

Unfortunately, I’ve already started knitting… should I keep going and hope for the best or since I’m only on row 4 should I frog it and straighten it with the hot water??

Ingrid, I’ll defintely be on the look out for those never-curl needles!

I don’t think I would want to fight a curly needle for a whole project. If you are on the 4th round you could frog it or you could put the stitches on another circular or even a piece of yarn and then fix your needle and then go back to your present needle.

Great idea, MerigoldinWA! I don’t have another circular needle but I could save it on a piece of yarn. I even have a piece waiting for me to use for some purpose. Thanks a lot!!!

If you opt to save on yarn, you might want to use several strands so they mimic the sz of your needle. If you run a single strand and then go back to pick up with your 6 mm you may find some of the sts have pulled and have become smaller/tighter.


You can put it on a smaller needle to begin with, or move them off the scrap yarn with one.

I actually had to frog it :frowning: Somehow I ended up twisting the yarn when I was putting the needles back through and then the needles themselves curled back up… Frogging 4 rounds wasn’t near as frustrating as seeing the needles curl back up.

Hopefully it won’t curl up like that when I start over… I may cry if it does. Right now they are hanging, stretching out. Hopefully they stay. Keep your fingers crossed for me… or if you guys know any tricks feel free to share! And thanks again for all the advice!!!