In the round question using DP needles

I have a question about working with double pointed needles in the round.
I think that is what I want to say. LOL.
Where is the knitting bulk suppose to be? It seems to be up toward me as it is curling and makes it awkward. If this where it is suppose to be? I’m knitting and the knitting is facing the inside.
Maybe we need a photo:
Thanks and HEY last night I actually fixed some problems (I think dropped stitches down below a little). LOL.

That looks right to me! Its curling because its stockinette stitch.

Ok, so it is suppose to be up in my face??? LOL
I guess once I get way past the curling stage it drops down inside maybe??? Is that right?
Thanks Kelly and gosh you’re fast. :slight_smile:

OH! Sorry, Suz…I thought you had it laying “on its back” so we could see the knitting.

When you are working on anything circular, someone here suggested you think of it like drinking out of a cup…you drink out of the edge closest to you. If you flip that pic over, so the working yarn is pointing toward the bottom of the screen, (which would be YOU if you were working on it) then that would be the right way. And, then the sts WILL be going toward the inside of your circle.

It might have been a bit more helpful to see a picture of you actually holding the work, but you’d need an extra hand or two to take the picture. I don’t know whether or not it’s “right” but whenever I work on DPNs I have the work going down away from me.
Imagine the triangle of DPNs as a circular cup. If you’re knitting on the inside of the far edge, your work will be purl side out. If you’re working on the outside of the far edge, your work will be knit side out but it will come up towards you. If you knit on the outside of the close edge, your work will be knit side out and it will drop down into your lap once it’s long enough.
I think it looks like you’re knitting on the needles furthest away from you, which would explain the direction your work is going, but I can’t really be certain unless I can see the work in your hands.

The photos is taken as if I’m looking at it or working on it. It is on it’s back. The knit look is on the inside and the purl look is on the back but the yarn is all up in the center coming up at me. I’m just wondering if I’m doing it right before I put anymore time into it. :slight_smile:
Don’t I have it right side up??? I have to work at the far end don’t I?
Where the paper clip sits is where I am to start next.
I’m confused. LOL.

Just flip it over with the paper clip coming toward you & you’ll be fine. Your working yarn will still be coming off of the right needle…your K sts will be on the outside of the tube…that’s all ya need!

I couldn’t get the pic to load here at work, but the cup analogy is a good one. You would sip from the cup at the edge closest to you. You should be knitting at the edge closest to you with the knits on the outside so the purls are on the inside. The work should go down on the inside of the needles. St st will curl, but the curl will be coming up toward you from the bottom and will not be in the way after a couple of inches.

The needle that you’re working from should be in your left hand, the empty needle in your right, and the other needles away from you, so your fingers are on the inside of the tube of work.

Hi Susie,

When you’re knitting in the round you should be knitting on the edge closest to you. The “point” of the triangle where you start the next round will be pointing toward you, and the needle parallel to you will be on the far side of the round. The knitting will drop down into your lap as you get a longer tube.

From you pic it looks like your knit side is on the outside of the tube and the bumpy purl side on the inside, which is the way is should be if you are knitting every stitch. No need to frog back, but when you pick up to continue knitting, just make sure the finished portion is hanging down, and you’re knitting on the edge closest to you.

Hope this helps!

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


This is AWESOME! We have 4 knitters saying the same thing in 4 different ways…ONE of these is SURE to click for ya, Susie!! :cheering:

I have read these over and over and I’m just not getting it. I’m knitting the way the teacher handed it to me. Know she is left handed is that what is messing me up?
I have flipped this thing and the working yarn is on the lef and i would be knitting from the bottom towards the top and that isn’t right. I have always knitting from the top of the needle down. I bet if one of you were here it would work.
I don’t get why I would have to rip it all out.
HUM, thanks girls. I’ll keep reading and trying,

Sounds like you flipped it from left to right…

Look at the pic and flip it TOWARD you…

I found these pictures. Maybe they can help.

Really slow at work today!

Maybe I’ve got it. LOL!
I took photos of what I ended up with and you can let me know if I have it right? Will my knit stitch be on the outside still where it is suppose to be???
Ingrid, thanks for that link. I got it before but they did show how I had it and how I “THINK” I ended up.
Check the photos…last two please,

Susie, it looks like you’ve got it! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Knit side is out!


Yup, it looks to me as though you’ve got it. :thumbsup:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Mary, Tab and Kelly,
Thanks for being SO happy for me. Whew. I’m NOT dull. LOL. The lighbulb took a while to go off but I got it. Thanks gals.
Hey, would having a left handed teacher make it so I’m doing things backards like that all the time? I took it the way she handed it to me and she watched and said YUP YOU’VE GOT IT. Oh my.
Thanks again,

Hi Susie,

I’m left handed, but I knit right handed, English style. If someone is truly knitting left handed their stitches are going from the right hand needle to the left hand needle. I never could wrap my head around left handed knitting, even though in most things I’m VERY left dominant.

I suppose your teacher could be doing some kind of variation though. The person who taught me was right handed, but she ALWAYS knit into the back of the loop, and it took several years before I figured out why I had crossed stockinette and not the nice smooth VVVV.

Variety may be the spice of life, but every now and then bland is OK.


Oh, so some people do knit like I was knitting? Maybe my teacher does. Apparently she does as that is the way she handed it to me.
That is right though she would be going right to left.
It is no doubt me messing me up. :slight_smile: