In the round decreases

I am knitting a hat that is long and eventually come down to a point with a pompom. I have gotten to the point where the circular needles are too long for the project since it keeps decreasing in size as you get to the point. I know I need to transfer the project to something else like double sided needles or something else but I’m not sure how to go about it and what the easiest way is to go about it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

You will have to switch to double-pointed needles at this point; or work with two circulars.

There are videos in the Advanced Techniques section for both methods.

It’s really easiest to learn to use dpns under these circumstances, where you already have stitches on the needles. You can either knit onto the dpns (about a third of your stitches on each) or just slip the stitches on the dpns.

You might want to arrange them so your decreases are at the beginning of each dpn so make it easy to keep track.

If you have another needle the same size but longer, you can either work with both needles or magic loop on the longer needles. You don’t have to ‘transfer’ the sts over, just start knitting with the other needle.

Thank you!