In The Round Baby Things

My niece is expecting! :cheering: This will be my parent’s first great-grandchild. Of course now I have a great excuse to knit cute baby things. However…going through the few baby books I have I am shocked that most of the patterns are knit flat and then seamed - even the hats and booties. I don’t wanna knit flat!

Can anyone recommend a good book that has knit in the round patterns for baby things? I love to knit, but I don’t like seaming at all. I have collected a few patterns here and there (mostly from the Internet) for baby items knit in the round (hats & booties) but I’d like to have a book with a nice variety of baby things.

Do you have a favorite?

I can’t think of a book off hand, but I know that Ravelry has quite a few top down baby sweaters.

Forget the books. Pretty much anything knit flat can be knit in the round. Just do the math and knit it. I prefer in the round myself and knit pretty much everything that way.

Oh goodness, I knew someone was going to bring that up! I’ve converted a child’s sized sweater before, and it turned out fine, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. I guess I’m a bit lazy when it comes to doing the math!

There really isn’t that much math involved, especially with something baby-sized.

Say for a pull over, add the # of stitches for the front and back, then subtract out 4 stitches (1 from each edge used for seaming). that should pretty much do it.

And for a baby sweater, you probably wouldn’t even need to subtract the seam sts; a little bigger won’t hurt.

There are also top down sweater pattern generators at and and also

I COMPLETLY agree with NOT knitting flat…i knit all flat patterns in the round!!! dont understand why they are written flat in the first place??? is it for ease of construction??? somebody put their two cents in please?

I think it’s reminscent of sewing where you cut out pieces and sew them together. However, some designers feel a garment hangs better with seams and doesn’t stretch out. I knit sweaters at a loose gauge in one piece (mostly, sometimes I pick up stitches) and they don’t stretch at all.