In the Round and Inside Out

I knit a hat. I enjoyed knitting the hat. I would like to knit more hats and other in the round projects.

I understand in knitting there are multiple ways to do everything and that it is rare for someone’s method to be wrong, as long as the results come out the way they want them to.

However, I read somewhere (on KH, I think) that it is poor practice to knit inside out. (I don’t remember the reason why – I think maybe it come from someone who was a mod or had a lot of posts and I just accepted it blindly.)

So I tried to knit hat #2 right side out and – for reasons I can’t comprehend – I can’t do it.

My first attempt worked fine, until I went halfway around and then, for some reason, started going back in the opposite direction.


My second attempt I couldn’t even join the ends. I’d be knitting right along and then realize my ends weren’t connected and I was heading back the way I came.


The third time I couldn’t even figure out how to arrange the cast on portion on my needle so that I could even attempt a join that wasn’t in the back. I just kept wanting to work from the back, which makes the hat – or whatever else I am doing – inside out.

What is the reason for not knitting inside out? I’m sure for hats and socks it doesn’t matter, but if I ever branch out beyond that, I want to make sure I have good habits.

Any suggestions to help me knit on the front (and right side out) rather than always wanting to go into the back (and inside out). Is this a common problem? Am I just weird? :doh:

Take a look at the pictures at the knit picks site. That’s how most people hold their needles, with the tips toward you and the cord away. The knitting does slip around on you and you can pick it up and the tips will be away from you and the cord toward you. There’s nothing wrong with doing it like that and many people knit in the round that way. What can trip you up is when you start, make sure the working yarn is coming from the right hand needle, [I]no matter how you hold them[/I]. If it’s on the left needle, that’s like knitting flat and you’ll be knitting with the WS showing on the RS.

It may be technically wrong to do it inside out, but as you and Sue both said it doesn’t matter really if you’re happy with it. I think I would try to learn the “correct” way so I wouldn’t get tripped up somewhere done the line in some pattern, but as long as you’re consistent it is probably okay.

I’ve read that knitting inside out is a great way to do fair isle because the floats are looser that way. I haven’t tried it though yet.

Funny, I was just trying to figure out a good way to write how to do fair isle “inside out”, because the project I’m working on is such a tiny tube it’s sometimes difficult to keep the floats loose enough. :slight_smile: Someone else on Rav was saying that you can actually keep the thing inside out, but still work in the front by purling the whole thing, which apparently also really helps when working with difficult floats, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Purling?! I don’t think so… I mean you can, but no way in heck I’m going to do that much purling. The beauty of knitting in the round is NO purling to speak of.:lol:

LOL – I know, I don’t mind purling, but I figured if I was trying to put that into a pattern, half the knitters in the world would give up right there! :smiley:

Yeah, they would! Now if I found a pattern I liked and it involved the purled side showing I’d knit inside out. :thumbsup:

sakura-panda, I think if you’re more comfortable knitting inside-out, you should stick with it. However, if you’re knitting socks, it might cause some confusion when you get to the heel and foot portion. I’m not sure, because I’ve never tried it inside out before. Just guessing.

I think she means that when she knits in the round it is inside out. Mine is too, it just naturally knits up inside out. I looked at the vid posted by Jan and I am doing it correctly. It seems like when I turn it right side out, my sts get twisted. Any advice?

If you have a picture of what you’re knitting it might help. I can’t quite visualize what you mean by the sts getting twisted.

I knit inside out too when I knit in the round on DPNs. I can’t hold them the other way.

Don’t worry about it- I have knit sweaters, hats, socks, and mittens all inside out and no one would have been able to tell had I told them with my FOs.

You don’t do anything differently, no purling, you do it exactly the same, the stitches aren’t reversed, just inside out.

I knitted this entire Twisted Tree sweater inside out-

Just keep doing what you do.

What do you mean by knitting inside out?

I actually like the look of the “inside” of the sweater I’m making. It’s all knit in the round stripes. The stripes look nicer on the inside because you get one row of new color, one row of old color, then all the new color.

Knitting inside out refers to when the purl sts (WS) are on the outside of the tube you’re knitting, and the knit sts are on the inside. It happens when the work gets flipped around and the needles are on the far side of the loop with the cord being closest to you.

When I cast on, and then divide my sts on my DPNs, I end up with the live yarn being on the left side at top, and the cast-n tail being on the right. If I knitted it this way, the first round would not be joined, so after the cast-on, I turn my DPNs over and then knit and they are joined. I don’t know why. I think I must hold the needles wrong. Anyway, it works for me, because I can’t seem to get with holding them any other way, and the cast-on sts I guess are reversed, but it is just one row, and it really doesn’t look bad, nor can you tell unless you already knew this and studied my work with a lens. I dunno, I have continued to do it this way, and when I am done, I just turn the whole thing right-side out.

I’ve ALWAYS knitted ‘in the round’ with the RS on the inside…and that puts the working needles furthest away from my body. It just makes more sense to me.

I don’t like how the RS bends when it’s on the outside during the construction. I like my RS to curve towards me, not away from me.

And when I’m all done, anything I’ve knitted in this method of RS on the inside, is just as good as the other way.

Oh, good, I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the replies! (I can’t post thanks from this computer. :shrug: )

I’m perfectly aware that it’s inside out and for whatever reason it works for me. I think it would be different if I didn’t realize it was inside out and got my row directions mixed up, but I only change directions when I’m knitting outside out. :teehee:

I guess I’ll just keep going until it doesn’t work and then address it then. :blush: