In the rougnd

Do you know how to join when using double pointed needles. When it says to join in the round I dont understand

Joining just means to begin knitting. Have you looked at the video for knitting on dpns under Small Diameter Circulat Knitting in the Advanced Techniques section? That should help. You would take the needle with the first cast on stitch in your left hand and the one with the last cast on stitch and the yarn that goes to your ball in the right hand and knit the first stitch on the left needle. Then the 2nd, etc. Make sure the sts are straight and not twisted around the needles.

I did try the vidieo put my computer lets it play then it stops after a couple of words. So I dont know if I am doing it wrong or what. Thank you for replying though. I will try what you said on joining.

Here’s another, maybe that would work better for you -
It’s done on a circular but the general idea is the same, and there’s pictures on dpns below it.