In the path of the storm

Best of luck to Amy and Sheldon, our forum owners, and all the members in Knitting Help and their families who are in the path of the storm on the east coast!! :hug:

Yes. Be safe!

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst :pray:

Thanks, Jan! Thanks, GG. We’re as ready as we’re going to be.

Praying all blows over without loss of family, friends or homes!

Good thoughts to all the eastern KHers over the next few days.

We’ve been watching and thinking about everyone there - our hearts and thoughts are with you. Hopes and prayers that you and your families all stay safe till this is over. Sending hugs.

Figures that one of the worst storms in the decade has MY name on it. :help:

Not just the decade, Sandy! It’s a record breaker! You’re famous! :lol:

Ha! Craziness! :doh:
When I was a little girl, I used to say, “I wish they would name a storm after ME!” Now, my wish has come true in a WILD way! :pout:

Yes…prayers and fingers and toes crossed. I have family and friends in Boston and upstate New York!!

Thanks for the well wishes! So far nothing to write home about up here in our neck of the woods in Western MA. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

Oh no, Sandy! :lol: I hear they keep recycling common names, until they become a big enough storm to be noticed. This one will retire your name for sure, due to all they hype, but hopefully it won’t have the infamy of some of the others. Knock on wood!

Thank you for the message, Amy!
I’m so glad to know that you all are okay.

Looking at the damage today on TWC. Yikes, hope you all are okay!

A lot of power outages here in CT and flooding along the shore from the tidal surge. The farther down LI sound the worse the flooding. Norwich, where I live, did not fare badly. The Thames river is tidal and the harbor did come up over the banks. No loss of life and so far as I know no big property loss.

Out of power here in the MidHudson Valley for a couple of days but no real damage except by the Hudson River.
My grandson’s great-great-aunt lost the family summer place in the fire at Breezy Point. Such a shame–it was the center of all his ‘other’ family’s get-togethers.

Oh that’s too bad, Ingrid! :frowning: Hope you get your power back soon.

Hope everyone gets their power back soon. I get very cranky without it.

Thanks for the updates. It sounds like the fire Ingrid mentions damaged property but not people and I’m thankful for that. Hopefully it won’t be long until the power is back on for everyone.

Wonderful to hear that everyone is okay. :hug:

I remember when Hurricane Hugo came through Charlotte, back in 89. My boys and I were living with my parents at the time, and we endured about a week without power. We were lucky, because my parents had a fireplace, which we used for cooking. It was in September, so it wasn’t hot or cold outside, so the temperatures were good.

We played a lot of board games, and talked a lot.

When the power came back on, we were actually kinda disappointed. Everyone wandered off into their own electrical worlds after that. The boys were on the Nintendo, my parents were cooking, and glued to the tv, and I was busy washing clothes.