In search of

JoAnn’s Sensations Teseo yarn in lilac. I need just ONE little ball. Not even a full ball is necessary to complete my project. If ANYONE has it, I’ll buy it!! It was clearanced at my JoAnn’s and it’s not on their website.

BTW, it seems the correct name is Tesoro…

Just a suggestion, but you might want to put what you’re searching for in the title. You might get more people looking that way…:shrug:

Are you on Ravelry? Because if you are a couple of people over there have some of this in their stash and maybe you could e-mail them to see if they would want to part with it.

Is it Lilac or Purple that you need? Or Lavendar…someone has this #2522…does your’s have a number?


I found a Passap knitting machine. It is an antique. It is complete and has the manual. i know nothing about them. The guy wants 50.00 for it. Is this reasonable and since I am a beginner will it be useful

I think I have it sensations purpley I think I have 3 skeins