In search of sock yarn

I’m new to sock knitting. I’ve been knitting for a long time but never had the “courage” to knit socks. My first experience in sock knitting was the baby sock tutorial that Amy produced.
Recently, I decided to dive in one more time into the sock knitting world, bought the Ann Budd book on knitting socks and watched you tube on sock knitting till my eyes almost fell out.
I’m almost finished with the first adult size sock and am ready to buy more sock yarn for the next project. Does anyone have suggestions on what sock yarn to buy.

Lots of variables here! If you have a yarn store nearby go in and look/touch the various sock yarns to get an idea of what you like. Look for the yarn specified in the pattern and if you don’t care for it, pick a substitute! Socks are so fun, Enjoy!!

I prefer Berocco and Regia as both seem to wash well. I don’t like wool so do all my socks out of Berocco. My boys and husband don’t mind wool so they get Regia. Actually, I just used Regia held double to make my youngest a new pair of mittens.