In search of size 13 metal straight needles


Dang, now if you were looking for size 11 straights…

What size were you in need of Suzeeq?

What size were you in need of Suzeeq?:teehee:

A circular 9 or 10, 29" or longer.

oh, sorry I do not think I have any of that size. In my post when I said I had many I was referring to straights, Sorry.

How soon do you need the metal, 13s straight, Aimee? I am positive I have a pair and will gladly share… but need to raid the storage building and won’t be able until later this week. I’ve replaced most of my metal needles with wooden or bamboo.

I am in no rush just going through and seeing what I need:teehee: Thanks for looking for me…What would you like in return? I have no bamboo needles to trade:sad:

I’ll send you a pair. I have several!
No trade needed, because I’m set. :wink:

That’s alright aimee, I figured you for a straight kind of girl… :rofl:

I was ready to buy the 9s at hobby lobby last week because they had needles at 40% off, but I waited until Saturday and they didn’t have that size. If they ever have; I haven’t seen one in a while. I actually do have a long 10 around here somewhere, but I can’t remember what piece of knitting I have it in as a stitch holder or something and can’t find it… :pout:

Oh my!! You are set for life…How sweet of you to share with me, I feel so loved:heart: I’ll pm you my address Thanks Sandy

Sue you are too much:roflhard: Don’t ya hate when one needle goes MIA hmm… I just tossed a loose size 1,8 ,and 9 in the trash. Somebody should start a cite to take loose, unwanted needles and pair them back up or somethin…I thought there used to be a site like that but it was shut down:pout:

It’s a circular that’s stuck somewhere in the yarn pile… I gave up knitting on straight ones years ago, except for the 11s I bought when I was in another state from my stuff. After working on them for a couple days, I remembered why I didn’t like them and went and bought a circular.

I did see a site where someone does collect odd needles (like 2 or 3 dpns, singles) and you can trade or buy. That may be the same one you’re remembering, I don’t know what happened to it.

I’m glad you feel loved. Happy Holidays! :hug:

Same here, Aimee, no need for a trade just hate to see them sit here all alone and not used. Holler if you still need them… Mary

Okay Thanks Mary:hug:

Well, now I know who I can bug if I need a pair of…something. Lol…

Very true!! :thumbsup:

Aimee sent me some sweet stitch markers as a thank you for the knitting needles! :heart: