In search of "flowers" pattern

HI all I am in search of flower patterns, specifically “forget me knots”, …btw free patterns…Thanks

Stitch patterns or garment patterns which have flowers in them?

sorry stitch patterns of flowers…

They’re mixed together here:

I have a great book, 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet, by Lesley Stanfield. The patterns are divided roughly in half between knitted and crocheted flowers. There are also patterns for leaves and butterflies. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if there is a pattern for forget-me-nots. I am at my Mom’s house right now, so I can’t check!

I looked up Forget Me Nots and this pattern looks a lot like them! If you did them in purple they’re be perfect! It’s unclear if they are free or not so you’ll have to check.

there’s a pattern for them at this site:

Not sure if u r looking for just knitting ones, but here is a link with 365 Crochet Flowers, u may find something in there… it’s a great site…