In over my head!

So I wanted to make a capelet (see my sig) but I was using only one type of yarn and it isn’t fuzzy so the simplicity of the memories capelet made it look, well, boring and bad. So I scanned some free patterns and decided to use this stitch Lacy stitch and make what is essentially a rectangle instead of in the round (since I didn’t want to be purling every other row on a stitch that was already more intricate than I was used to) and I will sew the edges together with fat ribbon (I’ve seen this on a couple ponchos and LOVE the idea). Cool idea, right? Well, I dropped a stitch last night and had to frog the whole thing! Okay, so I only had, like, 3 rows, but still. It got me worried about what would happen if I dropped a stitch further along. I mean, I literally had no idea how to pick it up what with the yo, s1,k1, psso pattern. Anyone think they could help me if that happens again? I must say, it was looking pretty and lacy (I am using recycled wool yarn that was originally grey but I have dyed to a soft mauve-ish color. Sounds matronly but that color actually looks pretty good on me). :smiley:

Life line!!!

When you are doing a lacy pattern you can insert a life line as often as you see fit. It won’t necessarily do you much good in the first few rows, but after you do a few rows, you can put one in, so if you make a mistake you only have to frog to the lifeline. Then you can put it in after every repeat, or even after every row if you are willing.

To do one, all you have to do is thread a tapestry needle with contrasting yarn–something thin and slippery is good if you have it–and put it through all the stitches that are on the needle. In find that if you slip it through the bottom of the stitch it goes in easily. Just to be clear, the stitches stay on the needle as you do this.

So now you have a line of yarn running through all your stitches. If you need to take out your knitting, all the stitches up to the lifeline are safe and secure.

Ingrid thank you for posting this I get frustrated on patterns like this and never thought of doing this… :cheering:

It is truly a lifesaver, because trying to figure out how to correct ‘fancy’ stitches is impossible, for me, anyway.

I have a super easy way to insert a lifeline too…tape the end of a long piece of dental floss near the tip of your right hand needle before you start the row – then as you knit that row it inserts the lifeline, and you just un-tape it when you reach the end. :smiley:

:notworthy: :notworthy: To you Julie! What a time-saving, ingenious idea!!

:cheering: :happydance: :balloons: Thanks Julie!!