In need

This probably isn’t the place for this but I need two skeins of yarn. The yarn is for the cabled hoody I am making for my son. The yarn is YarnArt Wool number 6203 with two dye lots (as far as I can see there is no difference in the color and I have blended the different lots together as I am double stranding the yarn) # 57413 and #59273. I have tried contacting the people at their web site and no luck. I Googled it and no luck. The vendor/seller pulled all his yarn out of the USA. I did a search on Ravelry and found two people with single skeins and sent them each a message and no answer yet. I am hoping the members can help as I really need two skeins of the yarn. There is a picture of the back in my Ravelry notebook. Thanks for all help!!!

You might try ebay and if it’s sold in the UK,