In need of very beginner winter patterns

Okay, I’m definitely a newbie…-The extent of my knitting skills so far are casting on, garter stitch,binding off, and MAYBE (Not sure if I’ve got it right) K2tog…- anyway, What I’m hoping to accompish is get some winter things made up for my cousin’s seven year old daughter…Thinking scarf , hat…- not sure how easy mittens are…(But, I DO want it to be warm and comfortable for Kelly to wear,though…) While I’m a little more adept with crochet, I’m kinda bored with it, and itching to try some knitting instead…however, I have NO clue what’s out there, and available, and would be cute, and perfect for a seven year old!!!

Thanks in advance…


I have a pattern for Matching scarfs, mittens, hats, bags and mufflers. It’s by ‘Stylecraft’. It’s a beginner pattern the lady at my LYS helped me pick it out on my first yarn and pattern shop. I’ve never used it but looking through it seems very simple, stocking stitch with a few decreases.

I could send it to you if you would like it, (I’m not going to use it) or scan and email it to you.

Oooh thanks! I’d appreciate it…Which ever way you’d like to get it to me is more than fine…and very much appreciated…(Although, I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to purl…)


If you pm me your address I’ll send it to. Purling is no problem, just watch Amy’s video’s and you’ll soon get it. Start practicing now and you’ll have it licked by the time you get the pattern.

Here’s Amy’s video for purling:

Continental Style:

English Style:

Thanks!! I already checked it out and off I went needles flyin’…( Definitely like stockinette and moss stitch so far…)- only thing is, I’ve GOT to get some better needles than what I’ve got…(Which will have to wait till the first of the month…) - I bought a grab bag of craft stuff at a yard sale…and ended up with a pair of mismatched needles…(In addition to the Quick Silvers I’ve got and detest!!)- ended up with a 9 and an 8…- they’re the same color and were put together in a rubber band when I bought 'em a while back… :shrug::knitting::frog::knitting::frog: is about the size of it!


Now you’re on the right track, Nita! :thumbsup:

May I suggest the Basket Weave Hat pattern (free PDF) from Cider Moon. Or you might want to try the felted hat pattern from Fiber Trends.

Thanks! I might look into that…only thing is, I’m not sure if Kelly Janelle is allergic to wool or not…(I’ll have to ask Lisa…-Kelly’s mother…)


Nita, you might want to try Plymouth’s Encore Worsted Weight or Paton’s Decor yarn. I believe Cider Moon’s Whisper is a DK weight (Double Knit or Light Worsted) yarn though; however, you might be able to get away with using one of the two worsted weight yarns I have mentioned if you use a different size needle. Plymouth does make a DK weight yarn, also, in case you choose to use a lighter weight yarn. All three yarns I have “listed” are a mixture of 75% acrylic to 25% wool yarns and are machine washable.

You can find lots of beginner patterns on the Lion Brand website. There is a search option there, which lets you choose the experience level.

Here are all the [B]beginner[/B] patterns at that site:

Thanks! That I didn’t know…and I looked at the yarn at cedar moon…oh my…gorgeous colors!! And, I’ll look into those other yarns, too…Anyway, at the moment, I’ve got a scarf going on my needles…( So far it’s measuring up to be 9" by 11"…)
By the way, how is the Thanks thing done?

Thanks!! I went and checked it out, and swiped a few patterns that looked promising!!


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