In need of some "lacey stitches"

Hi all, finally trying to knit (long hiatus of a boo boo finger) anyway I am doing a “lace” shawl…kinda from a pat ,kinda some random sts…It’s becoming really boring as the pat is just elongated sts, with some yo, k2tog…done randomly…it’s gonna be nice but very boring…I also tried the “star” st…which is yo k3 bring the fir st of the k3 over the 2nd and 3rd st…again nice but not very "thrilling…Anyone out there have any “lacey st pats”? :hug:

Lionbrand has a stitch finder section, you might find something there you like:

Some other places to look:

Or if you want to find a shawl pattern:

Google is your friend. :wink: Type in [B]knit stitch libraries[/B] or [B]stitch library[/B] and you’ll get all kind of links.

So is Yahoo…been there;) Thanks

Wow, thanks I am liking knittingfool:hug: duh plus I have Debbie Bliss"How to Knit" and she has a whole section on Lace…

Thanks Cheley for the link, especially knittingfool. It’s been a long time since I was there and I had not seen the stitch patterns. They are very nice.