In need of inspiration and help!

I am knitting a rather massive blanket for my friend as a wedding present. This is not from any pattern other than the one in my head(maybe not the wisest decision - but there you are!) I’ve knitted it in Rowan Big Wool. I also chose to do stripes, which while looking very pretty has left me with some very messy edges. So, I’m wondering what to do about them? I found some very nice stretchy jersey cotton material so I’m considering covering the edges with this as a thin piping. Also it’s been suggested I knit two moss-stitch bands about four rows deep and join those to the edges. Not sure if there is another way of improving the edging (or if either of the above suggestions would work) - but would really appreciate your opinions!

I prefer knitting over sewing under any circumstances, so I think I’d pick up and knit around the edges.

Sewing on an edge would work, too, but that involves needle and thread. :ick::shifty:

Thanks Ingrid! To be honest I’m not sure how to do that- though it’s a technique I should really learn (still a newbie!) can you recommend anywhere with a good explanation of how to go about that? It sounds like the perfect solution- I don’t really want to go down the needle and dread route! :slight_smile:

Amy has video on picking up stitches. Also if you google it, you’ll get lots of how-to’s.

Picking up stitches to knit a border works well, but it won’t entirely hide bad looking edges, they will still be visible in the “seam” made by the pick up, but will be on the back side at least.

I wonder if a person could do kind of an edge like might be put on a quilt, but knit style. (I’ve never heard of it or tried it, just an idea) I’m thinking pick up the stitches knit a number of rows and make a turning row maybe (with a purl row on the outside, or a eyelet row yo, k2tog around), knit a few more rows then fold it clear over the problem edge and whip stitch it down on the other side. I don’t know what would happen at the corners. Possibly do each side separately?

A crochet border might help hide them as well. Just brainstorming here. :slight_smile:

Whatever you do if it involves picking up stitches you usually need to skip some of the rows up the side when you pick up, and do the stitches on the ends stitch for stitch to get it to lay smooth. I’m not sure the the ration of stitches to pick up is in bulky yarn. Check into that before you embark.

Crochet borders work well to hide messy ends. You can always crochet entirely around the first stitch. Honest, crochet isn;t toxic :wink: and there’s even a way to do it with knitting needles if you’re really afraid.

Knit-on i-cord looks really cool, but might not be the best option for hiding ends unless you’re really good at stuffing them in as you work.

Wow! Loads of ideas here. I think I’ll start knitting the edging and if the seam is looking nasty I’ll give the ‘quilt style’ idea a go. I’ve never crocheted before so - while I’d love to learn- I don’t know if now is the time! Again with i-cord- one new technique at a time! (I’d probably feel more adventurous if the project wasn’t time sensitive and wasn’t a present!!)
OK so - wish me luck! I’ll post back to let you know how it turned out!
Many thanks again
Mary-Clare :slight_smile: