In need of dental help

What color toothbrush should I buy?

Quick, what color is your toothbrush? *NO Cheating… you can NOT go to the bathroom to check the color! :roflhard:

:rofl: I just saw the home page myself. How funny!!

My Toothbrush is purple and white.

ha ha ha! I was like WHAT? I didn’t notice the page until I saw your post, now it makes sense!

Mine is burgandy and white- and I think your next one should match one of your knitting projects you have going. (I think you should take your yarn into the store and ask a salesperson to help you match the color to a toothbrush, like you’re matching paint or something.)

Now that would play with their minds… or make them think you were crazy… ok, maybe it would do both??

I double dog dare the knitters to take their yarn to the drugstore or grocery store and have someone help you match your toothbrush to your yarn. :smiley:

Or if you have a dental appointment today… and when they give you your free toothbrush… whip out that skein of yarn and ask if they have a toothbrush that matches the yarn… :rofl:

And as a safety tip… when you’ve been[B] ‘double dog dared’…[/B] keep you tongue away from COLD metal poles!

You have been warned… (didn’t a kid somewhere recently do this? I think I read it in the news somewhere recently?):teehee:

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3] I just logged into KH and saw the hilarious picture. [/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]How ironic, I have a dental appointment in a few hours. [/SIZE][/FONT]

Can I just say how excited I am that my Knitting websites are doing April Fools jokes. :clink:

I have a dentist appointment this morning too! Yikes! I hope the dentist doesn’t decide to April Fool me… That could be traumatic! :slight_smile:

My toothbrush is blue, and I have a dental appointment in one week. :roflhard:

Mine is pink. I LOVED the home page. I was cracking up!!!

OMG I totally forgot it was April Fool’s day yesterday until I got on here (Australia is almost a whole day ahead of the States, in case you’re wondering why I say “yesterday” - its after midnight here). I could have played so many great pranks on my roommates and classmates! They all forgot it was April Fool’s too, at least the Americans… I don’t know if other countries have April Fools day, but anyway…
My toothbrush is pink and white. I know this because when I went to get a new toothbrush from the drawer, I discovered about five open toothbrush packages (the kind that come with two), each of which included a single pink and white toothbrush. No offense to the pink lovers out there, but I can’t stand pink. Still, my mom refused to go buy me a different color toothbrush until all the pink ones were gone.
Why she bought the pink ones in the first place, the world may never know.

I think that those who have dentist appointments should inquire quite seriously about the fiber content of the dental floss. Insist that the color match your toothbrush, so that you can knit a toothbrush carrier with it. Insist that both of them match your favorite yarn, so that you can knit a washcloth for your face that matches your toothbrush and holder. Take in an odd un-matchable color of hand-dyed yarn. Become very upset when they only have purple toothbrushes, green floss, and your yarn is orange. Tell them that you will calm down if they give you a yellow sugar-free sucker and a crappy toy.
(evil laugh)

Mine is blue too.
And I have a broken tooth that needs a cap. Luckily it doesn’t hurt as I’ve had to rescedule twice. I hope I don’t need a root canal :shock:
There’s something about needing a cap/crown that makes me feel old.:??
Should I get a gold one so I can begin forming my “grill” ? :teehee:

mine’s pink and white, dh’s is teal and white, one kid has a football one, the other soccer

Blue & white, but only because that is what the dentist gave me since she was out of my usual hot pink. Amy & Sheldon are awesome!

:mrgreen: We like to have fun with the site. Anyone remember last year’s April Fool’s gag:

Mine is pink and white too! Love the power tool one, but the dental one is MUCH better. I love the look on Amy’s face as she comes at you with that drill Sheldon. Kinda looks like my dentist!!

mine is always pink. then DH won’t use it.:teehee:


DH’s toothbrush is always blue and mine is usually pink although I’ve had to resort to purple on occasion. :teehee:


Mine is white and silver (Crest Spinbrush Pro)! I have a dentist appointment next month and my dentist has recently taken up knitting so I am totally going to bring yarn and ask that the tootbrush match it!! He will crack right up! What a great idea!