In need of a simple layette pattern

:waving:This will be my first big project. My friend at work and his wife are having a baby in December and I would like to make a ensemble for them as a gift.

For years, my Mom has kept these in stock for me and has never asked for anything in return other than a picture of the baby in the layette…she keeps a little album. Her friend “Arthur” has since moved into her hands, making it painfully difficult for her to do much knitting or crocheting. She has passed the knitting torch on to me, so to speak. I’ve got a few months, and I know that she will help me if I’m running short on time.=)

So, what I’m looking for is something not too terribly difficult, fit for a little girl, and a lot of prayers sent my way :pray: I’m gonna need 'em!


A few here
a Beginners set, check site for other pieces of set

or try here for more

I am working on this right now. I thought it would be easier then working on a sweater, booties, pants and a hat. It kinda has everything in it and it would be perfect for wintertime. It has been really easy to knit so far.

hmmm ‘ajp2181’ cute. Love that. :inlove:
I recall seeing those with buttons across the base. When kids grew too big for the bag they could be used for ages with buttons undone for dressing gowns.

You could also take any patterns and use the same yarn to make a layette. Sweater and booties for instance. :wink:




Thanks!! I found some great ideas…got my supplies…started and already had to start over…grrr…this is gonna take a while!