In need of a seaming technique for a FO

I have a purse that I finished a few weeks ago, and I STILL haven’t seamed it up yet. If, after watching the video countless times, mattress stitich isn’t really working for me, will sewing it up on the sewing machine or by hand do the same thing? Or should I just not give up on the mattress stitch?

I’m doing this for a friend, and I’m nervous about it turning out really sloppy :frowning:

I’m not a good seamer myself yet, but I’m sure more practice would help. It is frustrating though isn’t it!?

Here’s a link that has great photos and instruction that might help you out.
Knitty on seaming

Thanks!! That helped, but it brought me to one more question… what is the purpose of blocking, exactly? lol… cause the article you sent says it makes it eaiser, but is it necessary for a purse?

Thanks, and sorry for so many questions!

Blocking can help if you have slightly uneven stitches, especially on the edges. It just makes things more even and neat and orderly.

I don’t know if I’d bother blocking Woolease–acrylic doesn’t take blocking, and it’s mostly acrylic. I’ve made sweaters from similar blends and didn’t block.

This is another spot that I’ve found good seaming descriptions with good illustrations too:

The mattress stitch really is the neatest finishing technique once you get the hang of it. Keep trying! Maybe make up two little stockinette swatches so you can practice before you tackle the real thing. It really is worth it.