In need of a dress pattern

I am looking for a dress pattern for my TALL skinny little girl. she is in a 6 slim size and I have made her a dress before and she loved it but it didn’t fit her on the top part… I would love to make her a little summer dress. so if anyone has a pattern that you would like to share I would love it :XX: :inlove:
I have been looking in all the little books that I have and I like them but they would not work for the top part SHE IS SOOO TINNNY but VERY TALL so I would just go tell it is long I got that so I NEED YOU HELP


I grabbed all of these from

THANK you soo much they are all great THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
Have you or anyone ever made these?
:happydance: :XX:

I think “yarnmommy” just finished one… I think