In need of a baby bootie pattern

Hey everybody!

One of my favorite professors is pregnant and I want to make her baby something. I know how to and love to make socks so i figured baby booties would be a good idea. Can anybody let me know of a good pattern? I don’t know how to felt knitting so I don’t want a pattern that involves that; otherwise anything goes! Thanks for helping me out!:muah:


If you don’t know if it’s boy or girl these are good unisex ones.

These hre are cue and several people here have made them.
(I haven’t jet but might some day)

My favorites of the ones I have made are these here:

I can maybe write out the pattern if you like. Let me know and allow a few days at least since I do have a job that keeps me from that for a lot of time :slight_smile:

I make lots of baby booties to have on hand for baby shower gifts and those two sites Jan posted from Pickinandthrowin’ are, to me anyway, the best looking booties ever! And, only one little 3-needle bind off on the bottom. Those little booties are so very cute and very easy to make.