In Love!

I am so happy! I finally got a set of KP Options! :heart: I got them tonight for Christmas, along with a total of $85.00 in gift certificates to my LYS, The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, and Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd! No one in my family knits so I don’t know if they fully comprehend my elation…lol…

As soon as I got home I started knitting up a swatch, nothing in particular, I just wanted to give my Options a test knit. :teehee: And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed my LYS is open tomorrow so I can totally splurge on YARN!! :woot:

Wow! Congrats! Sounds like you had a GREAT Christmas!!!





WOOHOO! I got my KP harmonies last Christmas- best Christmas present I have ever gotten! :slight_smile:


Hooray for you!! I got a set of KP Harmonies (interchangeables) for my DMom-I’ve been wanting to get them for ages, but was finally able to. :slight_smile: Needless to say, they were a hit :teehee:

You’re gonna have so much fun! Enjoy!

Ooooh, you had a great Christmas! You’re going to love your options. I got mine for my birthday a couple years ago, and I still remember how thrilled I was to open that box. Then add the yarn shopping spree, and that’s just about the most perfect Christmas for a Knitter. Non knitters will never understand, will they?

In love with your gifts AND the givers of them, right? :slight_smile:

YIPPEEEEEEE!!! Which LYS is yours?

I was soooo excited about the Options…My mom and dad kept asking each of us (me, sister, and brother) what we wanted most and I kept saying the Options! I started a dishcloth tonight with them, I don’t want to get too involved in a big project just yet 'cause I still have a few to finish first…lol…It was a very good Christmas indeed (and my needles, books, and gift certificates still aren’t all the presents I got!). And, I have Christmas at my Grandma’s house tomorrow, then another Christmas on Sunday at my father in law’s house! Keeping my fingers crossed my father in law will have gotten me a gift certificate too! :teehee: Man, by Sunday night I’m gonna be all Christmased out…lol

Cynamar, Knit and Caboodle is my LYS

And yes, Marria, definitely love the givers as well!

I’m so jealous. I asked for the options for Christmas but the dog got sick and needed bloodwork, xrays, and meds on top of her regular vaccinations that she got after the vomitting stopped. So, a healthy dog ended up being our gift to each other. Well, my birthday is coming up in February so I can wait until then.

Wow! you did great! Have fun choosing yarn and a project.

I know exactly how you feel. I just got my options in the mail yesterday for a christmas present, and needless to say, I was THRILLED. I have now started a new project on them, despite having countless other projects to complete, just b/c I couldn’t resist the temptation.:teehee:
I know how you feel about nobody in your family quite getting why you love yarn so much. Everytime I go to some place that has yarn, I have to go look, and will usually end up getting some, unless I am for some reason on my very best behavior which is rare. :teehee: But my Mom is always like but you already have tons of yarn at home. She just does NOT get it lol.

Happy Knitting! :hug:

Ok, I’m ecstatic now! Went to my father in laws house today for x-mas there and got another gift certificate to my LYS which brings me to $110 to my LYS, and a $25 gift certificate to Michaels!! C’mon tomorrow, I’m going YARN SHOPPING! :woot::woot:

And, I love, love, LOOOVE my Options! They are by far, my fav needles!

Ok, all done…lol…Just had to share with people who could appreciate my excitement :teehee: I try telling hubby but he looks at me like uhhhh, whatever…lol

I SOOOO know what you mean lol!!

I was hoping for the Options myself…my hubby told me to go ahead and order them, but I have a hard time spending the $$ on them right now. Maybe in January :wink: