In Idaho

Hi, Is there anyone from Idaho I’m in Blanchard would like to get with someone that knits and crochets…Pelagia65:thumbsup:

<waves> Hi, I used to live in Sandpoint but moved almost 4 years ago. Welcome to KH…


where is blanchard?:think:

In North Idaho. Kinda in between Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint, but a little west.

I too am in Idaho, but I’m a little too far south to get with you to knit or crochet. I’m down by Boise, in a little town called Kuna.

well it sounds like spokane may not be to far away but sandpoint is
kind of a long drive.:think:

I’m not in Sandpoint anymore. But yes, Blanchard would only be about an hour drive. Or you guys could get together in Rathdrum or CDA.

I know Kuna, Rorshach; I grew up in Nampa.

I have gone through Blanchard on the way to Farragut St. Pk. I live in Colbert, WA which is just North of Spokane and South of Deer Park. Maybe if you come west a little we could meet somewhere?

Suzeeq-I love Sandpoint!! Do you still live in the area?

No, I moved to Michigan almost 4 years ago, and last fall moved to Wyoming. sue

I’m in Boise, though that’s quite a trek from where you are. :waving:

But it’s close to Kuna…

hehe, jenn, you’re in boise, eh? well anytime you want to hook up and chat, shoot me a message, I’m pretty sure I can break away from my normal stuff for a few hours. Though what would be really ironic is if we worked in the same place.

Dogs have owners, Cats have employees.

:rofl: So true!!

I live in Caldwell! About half an hour from boise.

Wow, more people close by to get to know, need to start up a knitting group.

Yeah! I’m only 17 though, so if we evermeet up i would have to bring my mom with me (her rules) but she knits too, so it’s all good.

REALLY ironic, since I work at home! :rofl:


I’m in Idaho :mrgreen: I am in Twin Falls we make it out to Boise every now and then.

I live in Nampa, used to drive thru Kuna 3 times a week with my old job. :slight_smile: Its a nice little town, love the Caffeine Connection!

My father lives in Boise and he is an avid knitter as well. :woohoo: