In circular knitting where does the knitting go ...?

what i meen is,when your knitting in the round, obviously the knitting doesnt judt drop down like on straight needles, and has to come through the circle, but is it supposed to go toward you or away from you?

Mine keeps trying to come toward me,but i have a ditinct feeling it should be going the other way? which is the right way (if there is one and im not just talking a load of rubbish of course :teehee: )

I don’t know if there’s a right way, but the common way to do it is with the cord part of the circular away from you and the needle tips held closest to you, and the knitting itself will come down towards your lap. Hope this helps.

Sometimes in the beginning, it seems like it wants to come up through the needles, but it will settle down as it gets longer.