In Case you Aren't Aware...Meteor Shower!

Grrrrr. . . I went out earlier to set up my chair and the stars were twinkling away.

I went out just now to see if anything was happening and the clouds had rolled in. :pout: Hopefully they’ll roll back out again.

Thanks! I hope I get to see them.


I wanted to see them last night but it was too cloudy.

Yeah, I think all I saw last night were stars…lol…I did see something pretty big and bright in the sky (other than the moon :p) that I thought could possibly be one because after a few minutes it was beginning to fade…or at least seemed like it…lol…I think, according to the article, tonight will be the night the shower will be most visible.

Phooey! We had a huge rainstorm last night and it is still cloudy today. The weather is not cooperating with the meteor shower this year for me. I did get to see it in rural WA state a few years ago, though.


After seeing the thread again, I realized I had forgotten about it last night! BAH!!

Yeah, i went out on Tuesday night around 10 and after a few minutes, saw one meteor streaking across the sky for mere seconds, but it was quite bright and lovely. Wednesday night was mostly cloudy and the moon (and neighbors’ security lights) made it even more difficult to see anything. linknit41

Aww, you’re lucky to have seen even one! I didn’t get to see any of them :frowning:

We had cloud cover and didn’t get to see any meteors this time : (
We had a meteor shower about 10yrs ago and myself and a group friends went out to a camp our church owned, climbed a mountain and layed down in our sleeping bags (it must have been Oct/Nov b/c it was FREEZING COLD) and were heavily rewarded for our efforts. Work the next day STUNK since we didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning, but it was awesome.