In a slump

I’m really wanting to knit somethings for this new baby but just cant seem to get motivated. I also need to start knitting stuff for Christmas b/c I wont have as much free time this year to crunch things in at the last minute. I thought I’d never get into the ‘slump’ and I am. Please help me out of it. I keep looking on here and reading various posts and then I go to pick up my needles and I co or do a few rows and am just not in the ‘mood’ to continue. Help me! Has anyone else done this, or is this something I should blame on the baby? I don’t know the sex yet, ultrasound will be done on July 5th and then I want to pick some color appropriate yarn and make a little sweater for her/him to wear home - will that bring me out of my slump? Any ideas ladies, gents?

LOL, sounds like a baby thing to me… pregnancy always does odd things. I mean, in 3 weeks you could be knitting non stop…

Is this your first? Because I know near the end I got a little, uh… crazy. You start cleaning and making tons of stuff probably in part because it is easier to sit on your butt then try to get up or walk, lol. I bet you will be knitting a lot then… :slight_smile:

Thissweater is really pretty and people are doing a knit a long on it.:hug:

Not my first, my third. I hope you’re right. I even walked around hobby lobby yesterday in the knit isles and yarn isles and wasn’t inspired at all…my husband asked if I felt ok.

Girl you ARE ill! Repeat 3 times I love to knit! Knitting is fun!

I think when you know the sex of your baby you should make a big thing of going yarn and pattern shopping, and keep in your mind you are knitting for baby, and there is no greater love going into a project than that. I hope that makes sense.

Take care I’m sure you’ll feel better soon and you will end up putting your needles in cold water to stop them smoking!