In a learning mood

So tonight I finally decided to sit down and learn how to do the long tail cast on. It confused me for some reason, but I finally got it down tonight. :mrgreen: After that I decided I would try magic loop out. Also very simple lol. So, since I’m in a learning mood, I was wondering if anybody could suggest some other methods for me to try out? Doesn’t matter what, I’m open to anything. Thanks a bunch!! :muah:

Good for you!

Fair Isle

I know how to do fair isle and cables. Maybe I’ll give insarsia a try. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions!!

You are doing it all! What about I-cord, a stretchy cast on and bind off and grafting (Kitchener stitch)?

You can try entrelac, that’s fun. Or lace.

I was thinking about trying i-cord. Looks simple enough, from the video. Could I do that on circulars, just switch the stitches from needle to needle? I’ve done kitchener stitch before, but only once when I made my one and only sock lol. I’ve done a little bit of lace, but nothing very complex, so that is definitely something to take into consideration. And I’ve been meaning to try entrelac for a while, also a good suggestion. :slight_smile: Thanks for all of the great suggestions ya’ll!! :muah: :muah:

You can do I cord on circ, they’re just a longer dpn with a cord. Just slide the sts back to the other end and start the next row.

That’s what I figured, thanks. :slight_smile:

I recommend finding a challenging project to do–one that requires you to learn some new skills (or to practice some you just learned).

Have fun!

That’s what I was thinking. I might try making a dog sweater with ML. :slight_smile:

To do the diatom shawl I’m working on I learned the circular cast on via crochet hook. Much, much easier than the other methods that had me pulling my hair out and hence putting the shawl off for six months. As Jan suggested intarsia is fun especially if you learn to hold one strand in each hand. I had one woman at a Dr’s office boggle eyed at me as I knitted that way, but it’s hella fun. One and only time I took intarsia out in public. Too much yarn to juggle :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also give brioche a try. Makes very fluffy scarves and baby blankets. :slight_smile: