In a funk

I seem to be in a funk today. I want to knit something. I looked at hat patterns, sweater patterns, and even afghans and socks but nothing seems to interest me. I have a good sized stash of mostly acrylic yarns. I have most sizes of needles although most are straight(several sizes of cable and dpns too). I just can’t find anything I want to knit. The want to is there but the creative eye is missing. Anyone else have this problem?

How about you pick up a color that you like, your favorite needles and just start knitting. Maybe make up a new stitch or pattern. Sometimes you have to jump start the creative juices by fooling around. You don’t have to make something. Practice stitches or cabling or bobbles.

I’ve never made bobbles. I suppose I could try your idea and see where it leads.

When I get in a funk like that I usually browse the internet till I find something interesting. It doesn’t take long until I have a pretty big list going…lol

I’m the type to take left over yarn and start playing. After I’m done with my sock projects, I will be using all that yarn to teach myself continental knitting and try to get into the habit of doing it that way. Going to be a challenge since, right now, I’m doing everything bass ackwards. :teehee:

That is a great idea, Sunshine! Knitting swatches that include a “challenge” item! I really like that!

And the nice thing…most of us have oddball leftover yarn!
What knitter EVER tosses out even a golf-ball-size amount of yarn??? :teehee:

I have enough of those yarn golf balls to sink the QE2. I save all my scraps.


Plus…when you have accumulated enough of your “challenge swatches”…you could theoretically seam them together and use them for doll blankets, or lap blankets. I’ve heard that some knitters save all their 4"x4" swatches for exactly that!

Or, save them in a “how to” binder for reference! Slide them into plastic sleeves along with a write up of the pattern stitch used, and even the yarn. I think that would also be great!!

I avoid getting stuck in a rut by alternating between knitting and crochet.After a large project sometimes I feel like I don’t want to see knitting for the rest of the day…but I can’t resist the yarn so I crochet an amigurumi.The cute factor just gets me all ready for my next knitting project.They really don’t do anything, but I find a use for them by tossing them across the room and letting my kitten mangle them up. I do want to keep some for display though so I’m buying a couple of floating shelves to put up in the BR where they can make themselves at home along with my model tanks and action figures.(I’m not a 7 year old boy;I’m a 20 yr old woman,I swear ;D)

I guess it’s not as much the cute factor that helps as much as the instant gratification of a tiny project.

When did you sneak into my yarn closet? LOL

When I’m at odds as to what to do or need a break from what I’m doing (knitting or crocheting), I get out one of the yucky yarns I aquired when I was teaching myself to crochet last year and start practicing new things. I’m new to knitting, so lately when I feel the need to escape I am learning how to cable.

One word…SOCKS, ( umm a cute cable pattern or anklets) that’ll put you to the yarn, pattern, needle skills to the test:hug:

I go to the “whatcha’ knittin’?” section of these boards and check out what everyone’s doing! You all (okie word) are inspirational!

Unless you’re in the southern hemisphere right now, this is a sun-deprived time of the year for us ‘northerners’. Consider boosting your Vit D for a few months. Your needles could be firing again on all cylinders in no time.:mrgreen: :yay: :woot:

I was in a knitting funk until I made these:

Knitted Cupcakes

Too much fun.

There are a bunch of patterns for them on Ravelry. So many possibilities and so little calories :teehee:

Check out Kaffe Fassett. He uses LOADS of colours to knit the most amazing things. Like you can collect a ‘set’ of blues/greys and a ‘set’ of greens/blues, then when you knit up a pattern of squares/stripes/a pattern in the two ‘sets’ you get the most amazing things. Google him.


I am in sort of a rutt myself. I have three projects, one i have complete, and the other two is to get my mind off of things. I just have no drive at all to complete them both. I really want to learn to make socks and hats on a circular needle. I am very good at making scarves, blankets, and shawls…but I want to do more. I want to expand my horizons on my talent. I taught myself to knit and I am so proud of that, but I don’t want to be 80 years old and finally realize that I am able to make something great and fashionable other than a garment around my neck. Like I said, I’m experienced with the scraf and any other rectangular type of pattern there is, including colors and other types of designs, but I so want to increase my talent and capability of my knitting knowledge. I don’t know…like I said…I am in sort of a rutt. Thank you for hearing me out to vent.

Still in a funk? :hug:

  1. head over to the charity thread and pick one. Sure fire pick-me-up! Plenty to pick from…hats, scarves, baby stuff, anything you can think of.
  2. after the holidays, did you think “darn, I should have knit ____ for _______”? start it now…you’ll be 11 months ahead of yourself (and most of us) for next year
  3. dishcloth–create your own. Use the alpha/numeric patterns and put together your own saying (or just your name).
  4. still not there yet…go over to and put a puzzle together:rofl:

Hope you’re back on a roll soon…Crossed Fingers